Features In Every Bussell Built Home:

See how Bussell stands for quality.

Premium House Wrap

Premium TYPAR house wrap is used on all Bussell Homes.

Premium Supports

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) Beams and engineered trusses are used to create a stronger home.

16″ Centers

Sixteen-inch centers make your home stronger.

Air Conditioning & Furnace

95% efficient furnace, 16 SEER in every home.

Interior Lighting

We use stylish and durable fixtures.

Closet Shelving

Shelving allows clothing to slide easily from side to side.

Brick Finish

Consistent, great-looking mortar joints.

Brick Garage

All exterior brick joints are free of gaps.

Interior Cabinets

Custom made cabinets are measured for every home. Made of all-wood products, no particle board. Dovetail drawers included.

Sealed Cold Joints

Sealed cold joints keep moisture from entering the crawl space.

Vapor Barrier

Vapor barrier prevents moisture from causing mold and mildew.

Door Nails

Double-nailed doors make a stronger opening.


High-end GE appliances.

Kitchen Backsplash

Decorative tile backsplashes.


Three-centimeter granite creates a great look for your dream kitchen.

Insulated Tray Ceilings

All box and tray ceilings have batted insulation around the roofline. Blown-in insulation from the attic can not reach these crevices.

Premium Insulation

R-15 High-density fiberglass insulation in all exterior walls of home. All flaps are overlapped, creating a thermal break in your walls.


We only use stylish and durable kitchen accessories.

Ceiling Insulation

We use R-40 blown-in attic insulation.

Floor Joists

All joints in the Advantech flooring are sanded to create a smooth surface for floor covering.


Silverline by Anderson, low E, argon gas filled windows help lower your utility bills. All windows are taped with a premium window tape to prevent air and moisture intrusion.

Extensive Caulk and Seal Package

We create an envelope around the entire home. We use caulk and/or foam in the following areas: at the bottom plate where it meets the floor and the OSB sheathing, over any and all gaps in the OSB sheathing, the top plate of the walls, around all windows and all window headers, around all exteriors doors and all exterior door headers, inside the mechanical room of single story homes and all penetrations in the floor, exterior walls or attic entrance.

Some features may not be standard. Confirm with Bussell Building which features will be included in your home.