About Bussell

If it’s not a Bussell Home, it’s just another house.

Bussell Building Inc. is a family-owned and operated home-building company based out of Springfield, Missouri. Our “family-first” approach to building homes, separates us from other builders. The moment we partner, you’ll immediately feel you’re dealing with a trusted family member.

Bussell Building

Bussell Building has unrivaled workmanship in the home building industry. We use extensive quality control checklists for each phase of constructing our homes. This enables us to catch oversights and maintain the highest possible quality.

Our homes are constructed with the utmost integrity and the highest standards of customer service. We ensure that our customers are confident in their choice with Bussell Building as their home builder, secure in their investment, and thrilled with their new purchase. We understand that every home we build must exceed our buyers’ expectations so when you move in, “it feels like home”.

Bussell Building offers unprecedented warranty service, which defines the hallmark of our company’s success. Rapid phone call response means warranty issues are attended to promptly and, in most cases, resolved the same day. We work diligently to remedy any concerns you may have with utmost urgency and the least amount of hassle.

From our supervisors, office staff and sub-contractor crews, to our real estate professionals, superior customer service resonates throughout Bussell Building and is a part of the culture that makes our company a success.

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